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Little Dragons

Martial Arts Lifestyle runs a Little Dragons Kung Fu class for 4 to 7 year olds. In a friendly, safe environment our young martial artists learn the building blocks of Kung fu and self defence as well as important life skills that help to build confident and responsible individuals.

Martial Arts Lifestyle Little Dragons




We know that children learn best when they are enjoying themselves - so every class is designed to be fun filled and highly engaging. Through games and fun drills we help to teach them how to develop new skills, work well in teams, and to develop control of their body. Whilst we obviously teach kicking and punching techniques we do so in a controlled way that emphasises the need to be sensible and safe at all times.

Martial Arts Lifestyles Little Dragons


Each lesson begins with a warm up and stretching exercises. We then use lots of fun games designed to teach awareness, coordination, speed, balance, agility and team work. Students use soft pad work to learn how to focus and target and develop fundamental skills with their hands and feet. At the end of the lesson there is a warm down and finally an opportunity to congratulate everyone on their efforts.


We positively reward effort and attainment throughout the lessons using a sticker system and each week one student is awarded a star of the session trophy.


We recognise that we are all different and therefore we encourage everyone to progress at their own pace. When they are ready students have opportunities to take formal grading assessments where they can earn traditional coloured belts. Over the years students work towards the ultimate goal of earning a black belt.


"My daughter loves little dragons. We were keen for her to learn a martial art at an early age to help build confidence. She always looks forward to her Saturday class. The instructors are very friendly and create a fun and safe environment. The instructors clearly love martial arts and it is great to see them passing on their passion through their teachings."




Instructor Paul Butcher has more than 25 years!


We pride ourselves on being a small, friendly club who train and teach simply because we love martial arts and everything it has given us over the years. All instructors are fully qualified, insured and DBS checked.

Our club is a genuine, traditional martial arts club run simply because we love what we do and want to share it with others

You can read more about our club instructors here.

If your child would like to have a go at becoming a Little Dragon please contact us to arrange a free taster session. Parents are always welcome to sit in on training sessions – we find this helps when children want to practice their skills and techniques at home.



Little Dragons
North Petherton Club

Beginners Class        09.00am - 09.30am
Intermediate Class   09.45am - 10.15am
North Petherton Football Club Hall, Parkers Field, North Petherton, Somerset, TA6 6PN

Martial Arts Lifestyle offers a FREE taster session for all of our classes. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more or book your session.

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Paul Butcher

Tel: 07414 222382

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